Farm holidays Ca' Ballarin, the nature

Besides fields, our farm estate is surrounded by ample areas with an uncontaminated nature.
Po di Levante flows in front of building while on one side there is a channel that in ancient times was another Po branch.
Marsh reeds grow on the river bank and in their middle live various species: mallards,, wild ducks, turtles and so on.
In the evening it is quite common to see also herons that come back to their nests.
Walking in the country it is possible to observe these animals in full freedom into their habitat and hear their concertos.
In the right period the farm holidays guests  can observe sheep flock passing near our farm holidays.
And if one will be lucky enough, it will be possible to sight some deers, at last come back in Rosolina area.
Deers at Rosolina - Ca' Ballarin   Deers at Rosolina - Ca' Ballarin

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