Farm holidays Ca' Ballarin, the estate

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Our structure is located inside "Po Delta" area where, in ancient time, Po di "Tramontana" (North wind) branched itself from Po di "Levante" (east wind).

This area is inside the Regional Park of Delta Po which has very interesting naturalistic areas that look like Camargue.
In the surrounding fields grow cereal and vegetables.
This structure is one of the few buildings which has survived to the flood of the 1951. It consists of the master's house that was built in the 18th century, the colonial house, the stall and some annexes that were built only some years ago.
The farm holiday main face looks toward Po di "Levante" which, nowadays, is the only navigable branch: it joins Pavia to Venezia; often you can see the passing of touristic boats and "bettoline" (small tipical boats) that transport various materials.

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